SOLD -   Pressurized Superstar - N680FP  - SOLD
Available for delivery as a Super 700 or Super 680

A Machen Superstar I - 680 is a Superstar that still has the standard  prop blades.  The 680 Superstar can easily be converted to a Superstar I - 700 by installing the low noise signature prop blades.  Most owners who converted their 680 Superstar to a 700 Superstar found that the 700 had diminished take-off acceleration and climb, and noticed little difference in speed.  The 680 prop blades are a little louder than the shorter low noise signature prop blades.  The Superstar modification on this Aerostar is the same one that is being done currently by Machen / Aerostar.

This is an extremely well cared for example of a Superstar.  This Aerostar was airframe number 438, produced in 1977 in Santa Maria, California.  N680FP has a long history of being cared for by well known Aerostar specialists. 

This plane was more recently the prized possession of a large avionics retailer, who made a lot of improvements that are rarely found on all but the highest dollar Aerostars:  Bendix King RDR-2000 Vertical Profiling radar (a $24k radar unit - often found in Citation jets; one of the few radar units that integrates with the MX-20 and GMX-200 multi-function displays), Shadin Altitude Alert,  JPI EDM-760 Graphic Engine Monitor with Digital CHT's, Ground Clearance Switch, Custom Panel Overlays on all five surfaces. The Garmin 530 tops it all off and makes this plane a joy to fly in IFR and cross-country missions.

Most of the recent maintenance on the plane has been done by one of the most highly regarded Aerostar mechanics in the business.  This plane was also recently a commuter for a Delta Airlines captain, who was very willing to spend whatever needed to be spent to make things right.  This Superstar has nearly all the Machen/Aerostar mods. I have read every entry in the logs and have found no damage history.  The windshield has been replaced recently, the remaining glass is in good condition,  the pressurization works perfectly, and the engine-driven air-conditioning blows cold through a $4,000 upgraded overhead duct. 

This plane is available for viewing by appointment and is based at the Longmont Municipal / Vance Brand Airport (LMO) in the Denver Colorado area.

1977 Smith Aerostar 601P / Superstar 680

1977 Aerostar 601P


        • Approx 4200 Hours Total Time Since New
        • Complete and Original Maintenance Logs Since New
        • No Known Damage History
        • 1725# Useful Load!
        • Option #242: Inconel Bolted Flange Tailpipes ($9,888 Installed)
        • Front Exhaust has crossover elimination mod.
        • Option #246: Machen 700-6 Brake Kit
        • SB #600-132 - Spar Cap Inspection
        • SB #600-133R1 - Aileron Bellcrank Improvement
        • SB #600-134A MLG Sidebraces Complied
        • SB #746C - Heavy Duty Landing Gear Torque Links ($1,690 Installed)
        • Option #247 - Turbo Induction Air Intercooling System ($20,000 Kit Installed)
        • Option #250 - Low Speed Flight Control Enhancement System ($6,020 Installed)
        • Option #251 - Fireproof Specification Engine Hoses ($2,572 Installed)
        • Option #252 - Crankcase Oil Recovery ($2,190 Installed)
        • Option #253 - Auxiliary Electric Door Seal Pump ($2,900 Installed)
        • Option #254 - Engine Driven Air Conditioning Compressor ($8551 Installed on Electric AC Equipped Plane) - BLOWS COLD!
        • Late Style Overhead Air Conditioner Duct (Cutom Leather Wrapped at a cost of $4000 + Uninstalled)
        • Option #260 - Wing Fuel Tank Vent / Expansion Line
        • Option #920A - Fire Detection
        • SB 600-127 - Wastegate Actuator Filter Kit ($1,255 Installed)
        • Wing and Empennage De-ice
        • Wired for Windshield De-ice Plate (not present)
        • Six-place Interior with Bench Seat
        • Door Ajar Annunciator
        • Factory Aux Hydraulic Pump (Electric)
        • Sea-Level Pressurization Controller
        • Pneumatic Upper Cabin Door Support
        • Pneumatic Baggage Door Support
        • Glareshield Mounted Aux Steering Switch
        • Hi and Low Fuel  Boost Pumps


Fully IFR Equipped

    • Bendix RDR-2000-VP Color Heading Stabilized Vertical Profiling Radar
    • Garmin 530 GPS/Nav/Com Moving MAP
    • King KX155 Digital Nav Com
    • Insight Strikefinder SF-2000 Lightning Detection
    • Century IV Autopilot (Fully Approach Coupled with HSI )
    • Shadin AMS2000 Altitude Alert System
    • PS Engineering PM7000 Audio Panel / Marker Beacon
    • King KN-64 Digital DME
    • King KT-76A Transponder
    • Shadin Digital Fuel Management System
    • JPI EDM-760 Graphic Engine Monitor (with TIT and Alarms)
    • Custom Instrument Panel Overlays
    • Single Battery Conversion Kit
    • Prop Sync
    • Glareshield Mounted Aux Steering Switch

    Please ask about avionics upgrades available.

Engines & Propellers
Left Engine
    • Heavy Crankcase Engine
    • 600 Since Overhaul (Fresh Top and Bottom-End OH by Zephyr)
    • Low oil consumption
    • Lycoming IO-540-S1A5MM (Intercooled, 340 hp, 1800 Hour Recommended TBO)
    • 1185 Since Last Major Overhaul by High Performance
    • Propeller has 1185 SOH and has late serial number hub (No Recurring AD)
    • Skytech Lightweight Starter
Right Engine
    • Lycoming IO-540-S1A5MM (Intercooled, 340 hp, 1800 Hour Recommended TBO)
    • 1185 Since Major Overhaul by High Performance (Low oil consumption)
    • Propeller has 1185 SOH and has late serial number hub (No Recurring AD)
    • Skytech Lightweight Starter

Paint and Interior:
Paint was done last in 1992 and is in good condition. Windshield was installed new in 2002 (time limited part 4760 hours - typically $12k to replace not including paint work).

Interior was completely redone in 2002 in tan leather, with custom leather wrapped Plastech pull-down shades ($10,600 Installed w/o custom leather wrapping) and custom leather wrapped air conditioning duct.  The interior is in very nice shape, showing a little bit of use, and full of very nice attention to detail.  All six seats have headrests. Matching seat belt webbing for all six seats with shoulder harnesses for pilot and co-pilot.

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