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SOLD - 1981 Beech Baron B55 - SOLD

1981 Beech Baron B55
(Colemill IO-550 President II Conversion)

N254BC is one of the last of the 55 Barons produced, and is about as good an example as could be imagined 27 years after the last model 55 Baron rolled off the assembly line.  This gorgeous Baron has only 2130 hour total time since new, and I have found no indications of damage history in its past.  This plane spent its early life in southern California, later life in Las Vegas and Colorado, and has always been hangared.  The paint is 25 years old, and the condition is comparable to many planes that have 5 year old paint.

A fortune has been invested into bringing the panel of this plane into the 21st century.  All weather operation and flight safety is greatly enhanced in this fully Garmin equipped plane - WAAS, active traffic avoidance, mode C traffic, weather uplink, modern graphic engine monitor and GPS steering, are all in the equipment list of this cross-country plane.

In May of 1997 at the tender young age of 1521 total time, this Baron had the Colemill President II conversion done with fresh factory reman engines, which included new 3-blade propellers and governors, all new accessories such as starters, alternators, magnetos, vacuum pumps, lord mounts, and fuel and oil hoses.  The Colemill President II conversion is just short of a $130k investment.

Please don't hesitate to call us at (303) 503-8356 with further questions regarding N254BC, insurance, finance options, upgrades or transition training. This plane is based at the Longmont Vance Brand Airport in the Denver area and can be viewed by appointment.

On the Colemill President II Baron Conversion ...

The Colemill IO-550 President II conversion gives the ultimate normally aspirated performance for the Baron 55 airframe.  The IO-550 is very conservatively rated at 300 hp.  Most that really know the IO-550 engine agree that it is fair to call it at least 325 hp  in comparison to the 300 hp rated IO-520 of the original President conversion.

The IO-550 is also factory approved for continuous full-power operation as well as lean of peak operations.

This engine in the sleek B55 airframe produces 205 knot normal cruise speeds, better single engine performance and service ceiling, better climb rate, and better efficiency at the lower airspeeds typical of the stock Baron B55. Most owners report an improvement of 20 to 30 knots TAS.

The single engine service ceiling on this plane is an astounding 14,400 ft , with a 560 fpm single engine climb rate!

The following quote is from an article titled Colemill Foxstar Baron: A Better Baron? by Peter A. Bedell, AOPA magazine Sept 2000:

"The IO-520 is a good engine, but it was not built under the minimum-horsepower concept like the newer IO-550. Under this rule, the IO-550 must produce at least 300 hp plus 10 percent and minus zero percent. The 520 can be within plus or minus 10 percent of 285 hp. That means that with all of its accessories dragging it down, an IO-550 will deliver the full 300 hp (and probably more) for a net horsepower increase better than the 30 hp total listed on the specifications sheet. Not surprisingly, owners who've made the conversion see cruise speeds of their airplanes increase by 10 knots or so. In addition there are proportional gains in takeoff and climb performance."

There is also a good article showing the merits of the IO-550 engine which was written on the Atlantic Aero IO-550 conversion for the Cessna 210.


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Beech Baron B55

TC-2383 (one of the last 100 Baron 55's)


        • Only 2130 Hours Total Time Since New
        • Logbook, Airframe, NTSB/Incident Reports and Form 337 review indicate No Major Damage History.
        • December Annual
        • No Corrosion Issues - Hangared Since New
        • Complete Logbooks



        • Garmin GMA-340 Audio Panel with Marker Beacon\
        • Garmin GMX-200 Multi-Function Display with Chartview
        • Garmin GDL-69A Weather Uplink with music capability
        • Garmin 530W WAAS Approved GPS / Nav / Com / Map IFR Certified (Glideslope)
        • Garmin 430W WAAS Approved GPS / Nav / Com / Map IFR Certified (Glideslope)
        • Garmin 330 Digital Transponder #1 with Traffic
        • Ryan TAS-600 Active Collision Avoidance System
        • Insight SF2000 Strikefinder/Stormscope
        • King KFC-200 Autopilot  (GPS Steering, Altitude Hold, Approach Coupling, Optional Yaw Damper, Flight Director)
        • JPI EDM-760 Graphic Engine Monitor (Pilot's side mounted)
        • Shadin Digital Fuel Management System

Engines & Propellers
    • Continental IO-550 (300 hp, 1700 Hour Recommended TBO)
    • 600 Hours Since Continental Factory Remanufactured Engine
    • 600 Hours Since Continental Factory Remanufactured Engine
    • Propellers have  600  Hours Since Factory New (3 Blade) including new polished spinners and factory new governors

Paint & Interior

Paint was re-done in 1983 on warranty.  The paint on this plane truly shows the way this plane has been cared for through the years.  Paint is base white with Tender Yellow, Sahara Tan and Sable Brown Accents.  There are some flaws 25+ years later, but they are minimal.  Some screw and camloc area chipping is present. There are some flaws near the cabin door.  This paint would rate an 8-9/10 conservatively on the Aircraft Bluebook scale. An 8 of 10 is described as follows; "Paint is in near new condition. Minor scratches (shallow, short and less than 1 or 2 per square foot are detectable only on close inspection (inspecting aircraft while standing at less than an arms length from it.) Paint on often used fasteners may be chipped."

Glass is in excellent condition, with tinted C&D inserts for the rear, and clear inserts for the front. Frameless vent window on pilot's side.

Interior is done in pale gray leather and in very good condition. Front seats show some signs of limited wear on the armrest and seats.  Rear seats show little to no wear.  Fifth and sixth seats are currently uninstalled and in excellent condition.

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