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  1965 Mooney M20E (Rajay Turbo-Normalized)

1965 was the 1st year of the more modern looking, square window Mooneys and the second  year of production of the fuel-injected 200 horsepower M20E. 

N9GN is serial number 639, the 169th of the 1965 production of the Mooney M20E.  This plane was one of the early planes converted to Rajay Turbo-Normalized with the electric gear modification.  Turbo-normalization has become more popular in this day and age of fantastic graphic engine monitors.  The Insight G1 in N9GN gives the pilot a view of all four CHT's in one picture - they would have loved that in the early days of turbo-charging. 

Early turbo-normalized engines were often short-lived due to their smaller margin between normal operation and detonation.  Detonation is a highly destuctive condition where the fuel more or less expodes in the cylinder causing extremely high cylinder pressure and temperature, rather than an even and productive fuel burn.  Detonation is caused by running high power at too lean a mixture.  Todays graphic engine monitors and expansive knowledge base have operators running these highly efficient turbo-normalized engines rich-of-peak as well as lean-of-peak economically with great engine longevity. 

Please don't hesitate to call us at (303) 503-8356 with further questions regarding N9GN, insurance, finance options, upgrades or transition training. This plane is based at the Longmont Vance Brand Airport in the Denver area and can be viewed by appointment.

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Mooney M20E Super 21 (Turbo)

sn: 639


        • Only 2450  Hours Total Time Since New
        • Damage History - Belly landing 2004
        • 1/1/2021 Annual due
        • Complete Logbooks since factory test flight to current
        • Recently overhauled nose gear and steering with new shock discs

        Optional Equipment:

        • Rajay Turbo-Normalized with Recent OH Turbo
        • Installed four-place Oxygen
        • Electric Landing Gear Conversion
        • One-Piece Belly Mod
        • 201 Spinner
        • Upgraded prop - no Eddy Current Inspection Required
        • Cowl Enclosures


        • King KMA-24 Audio Panel
        • King KX155 Digital Nav-Comm #1 (Nav/Comm/VOR/LOC/Glideslope)
        • King KX155 Digital Nav-Comm #2 (Nav/Comm/VOR/LOC)
        • King KN-64 Digital DME
        • King KT-76 Transponder
        • Insight G-1 Color Screen Graphic Engine Monitor (Watch all CHT's digital at the same time)
        • Intercom 4-Place

Engines & Propellers
    • Lycoming IO-360-A1A (200 hp, 2000 hour recommended TBO)
    • Approximately 400 Since Factory New Lycoming Cylinders
    • Approximately 500 Hours Since Bottom End with OH Camshaft and Lifters (Cam and lifters are the soft spot on a Lycoming)
    • Approximately 200 Hours Since Turbo Overhaul (Main Turbo)
    • This is a very healthy engine with excellent compressions (74+/80 compressions and low oil burn and great temperatures)

Paint & Interior

Paint was done in the late 1990's with recent touch-up.  Paint is in good condition.

Interior is red leather in good condition showing very litte wear and no abuse.  Glass is in good condition.

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