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SOLD - 1967 Mooney Turbo M20F Exec - SOLD

N9591M is about as versatile a Mooney as there is.  With the turbo-charger, this plane can fly in the flight levels easily and cruise at some very impressive speeds.  The turbo-charger is manually controlled, and there is no need to use it unless you care to.  This plane is a solid 150 knot plane down low at 9.2 gph without the use of the turbo. 

Most of the turbo-normalized planes have been so poorly maintained that they will only produce an extra 1" to 4" of manifold pressure with the turbo fully engaged at altitude. This plane readily produces full sea-level manifold pressure of 30" at 15,000 ft.

N9591M has quite a few expensive modifications, from the turbo-charger to speed mods, speed brakes, electric gear, built-in oxygen, a 201 panel mod, and more.  The injected IO-360 Lycoming is well known for its longevity.

For buyers who are not well versed in the operation of turbo-charged aircraft, we will include transition training.

Please don't hesitate to call us at (303) 503-8356 with further questions regarding N9591M, insurance, finance options, upgrades or transition training. This plane is hangared at the Longmont Vance Brand Airport in the Denver area and can be viewed by appointment.

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Mooney  M20F  Turbo Exec

sn: 67-0168


        • 3239 Hours Total Time Since New
        • Annual due Jan 1, 2011
        • Very Good Maintenance History
        • Hangared
        • Complete Logbooks Since New

        Optional Equipment:

        • Long-range fuel (64 gal)
        • Electric Landing Gear Conversion
        • Precise-Flight Speedbrakes
        • 201 Panel Modification ($10k Installed)
        • 201 Yokes
        • Rayjay Turbo-Normalized
        • LASAR Oil Cooler Relocation Mod
        • Installed four-place oxygen (hydrostatic current)
        • Flap Gap Seals
        • Aileron Gap Seals
        • Rudder and Elevator Hinge Covers
        • Dorsal Fin and Cuff Mod
        • Tail Root Fairings
        • Brake Relocation Mod
        • Cowl Enclosure Mod
        • Aerotrim Rudder and Aileron Trim
        • Pilots frameless vent window
        • Precise Flight standby vacuum
        • Pilot and Co-pilot's shoulder harnesses
        • Alcor EGT (4 probe + turbine inlet temp)
        • Avionics Master Switch
        • Lasar Custom Visors


        • Terra TMA-230D Audio Panel with Marker Beacon
        • Terra TN-760T / TN-200D Digital #1 Nav-Com with Glideslope
        • Terra TN-760T / TN-200D Digital #2 Nav-Com
        • King KN-64 Digital DME
        • Terra TDF-100D Digital  ADF
        • Terra TRT-250 Digital Transponder with AT300 Encoder (VFR squawk button)
        • Apollo 360 GPS (VFR with Moving Map)
        • Apollo 618 Loran
        • Brittain B-6  Autopilot (Heading Bug, Wing Leveler, Nav/Loc Coupling, Alt Hold)
        • PS Engineering PM-1000 Intercom (4 Place)
        • BF Goodrich WX-8 Strormscope

Engine & Propeller
    • Lycoming IO-360-A1A with 2000 Hour Recommended TBO
    • 125 Hours Since Major Overhaul by Lynn's Aircraft Engines (Steel Cylinders)
    • Turbo and Exhaust System are in excellent condition - Turbo system produces excellent boost.
    • Propeller has 1196 SOH and Fresh ECI

Paint & Interior

Paint was done in 1998, complete strip and repaint, in a late Mooney split scheme.  The condition of the paint makes it obvious that this plane has rarely spent time out of the hangar since. Paint rates a solid converative 8+ of 10 on the Aircraft Bluebook scale, described as "Paint is in near new condition. Minor scratches (shallow, short and less than 1 or 2 per square foot are detectable only on close inspection (inspecting aircraft while standing at less than an arms length from it.) Paint on often used fasteners may be chipped."  Glass is in very good condition, and the side glass looks near new.

Priced at $64,900

How we arrived at our price

In the current market, many of the conservative banks are using Vref for their standard for making aircraft loans, as they are seeing lower appraisal values based on Vref.  We are using Vref base values for establishing the price on this aircraft.  Most of these base values have gone down at least 35% (on piston singles) from the highs in the late 1990's and early 2000's. 

When appraising an aircraft, the base value is the starting point and applies to an "average" plane as specified by the appraisal tool. From there, the appraisal must be corrected up or down for engine time, total time, damage history, paint and interior condition,  significant modifications, and  avionics package installed.

Modifications and avionics that are in high demand can bring up to 85% of the current installation cost (for example a near new Garmin GNS-530 with WAAS), while more readily available and desirable modifications and avionics usually bring 35% - 50% of the new installed cost (a STOL kit or tip-tank kit).

We started with the Vref base price corrected per Vref for total time and engine time.  We then added and subtracted as appropriate for all the non-standard equipment.

This aircraft will present no problems for a standard 80% loan for a qualified buyer.  Often we can package avionics and other upgrades into the loan amount.

Below is the base value from Vref showing also the correction for total time and engine SMOH.

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