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1942 Naval Aircraft Factory N3N-3
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Often mistaken for a Stearman, the Naval Aircraft Factory N3N-3 is an all metal design, with fabric wings and control surfaces.  The N3N is also designed to be readily maintained.  Vastly superior access and no worries about condition of wooden structural components, make the N3N a clear winner for a classic bi-plane military trainer aircraft.  The N3N also
has ailerons on both the top and bottom wing, dramatically increasing roll responsiveness over the single aileron design.

The image below illustrates the amazing accessability designed into the N3N.  Aft left side panels have been removed - it takes less than 10 minutes to remove panels shown removed. There are two left side fuselage panels forward of these which are shown still installed.

The N3N was built from 1935 to 1942, and was the last biplane in US military service.  There were 816 Naval Aircraft Factory N3N-3's built, of which there are a fairly good number remaining in airworthy condition.  The Navy retired the last of its N3N's in 1961.  This aircraft appears to have been one of last in service, as it went into civilian service in 1961 after a short time in storage.

Many N3N's have been converted to the Lycoming R-680, largely considered undesirable due to the firewall modification required, in addition to the fact that the Lycoming's 300 hp rating was very optimistic.  Serial number 4363 does not appear to have done any agricultural spraying duty, another mission frequently found in the history of N3N's.

This plane, after its 3524 hours in military service, was put into service by the North Carolina Forest Service from 1961 to 1965, after which it appears to have been in storage.  N3N-3 serial number 4363 subsequently was purchased by a private owner in Northern California, who had it recovered, and put into service again in 1985.   In recent history, this plane has been based in Northern California, Santa Paula California, Wisconsin and Colorado. 

This plane has been owned by the current owner and based at Longmont, Colorado since 2005.  N9181R has been hangared since recovered in 1985.  There are a number of spares that will be included, and some that are available and will be sold separate from the plane.  N9181R had an annual inspection completed in February of 2017, and is in fly-away condition.

Trades will be considered.  Please don't hesitate to call (303) 503-8356 with further questions regarding N9181R, insurance, finance options, upgrades or transition training. This plane is based in the Denver area currently and can be viewed by appointment.

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1942 Naval Aircraft Factory N3N-3


sn: 4363

Aircraft Log #1

Engine Log #1

Propeller Log

Aircraft Log #2

        • Approximately 4050  Hours Total Time Since New
        • Logs appear to  be complete after  this  aircraft's military service.

Extras that will be included with N9181R
          • Two leather helmets with Dave Clark headsets
          • Bruce's Custom Covers canopy cover
          • Snap-on dzus tool
          • Calibrated fuel dipstick
          • AAA Best in Class Plaque
          • Manuals and Magazines
          • Various framed pictures and drawings
          • Rebuilt right lower aileron (ready for cover)

          Extras that are available outside of the aircraft sale:

          • Zero SMOH Wright R-760
          • Rebuilt Hamilton Standard Propeller
          • Rebuildable lower left aileron
          • Rebuildable upper right aileron
          • Spare new comm transceiver
          • New tire
          • BT-13 wheels and axles
          • Spare mail landing gear legs
          • 4 Gal Aeroshell W120
          • Original seat harnesses
          • Rebuilt carburetor
          • Two each New Old Stock Bendix Mags
          • Leather Navy WWII flight suit
          • Leather Navy WWII flight jacket
          • 4 extra leather helmets
          • Inertia Starter
          • Two pair goggles with spare lenses (tint & clear)
          • Two Naval Aircraft Factory prop spinner caps


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Engine & Propeller

    • Wright R-760 Whirlwind  Engine
    • 450 Hours Since Major Overhaul by Mike Connor Aircraft Repair, Leesburg FL (April, 1990)
    • Propeller has 481 Hours Since Overhaul by Valley Propeller Service, Bakersfield CA (July, 1989)

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