1979 Piper Aerostar 601P / Superstar I - 700

N888WB was born N8210J, a 1979 model year Piper Aerostar 601P on February 28, 1979 after 13.15 hours of test flight.  This was the 610th Aerostar airframe built and the 274th pressurized Aerostar manufactured.

Aerostar airframe #610 spent its early life in the Seattle area, owned by Whalen J. Burke, who placed upon it a personal registration mark with his initials.  In approximately its first 18 months this plane flew 409 hours!  After the passing of Mr. Burke in 1989, N888WB was purchased from the estate by Machen, Inc.  Machen did the Superstar modification on this Aerostar in 1989  and sold it to the 2nd owner, Don L. Aircraft Inc. in Florida.  After a few short term Florida owners, this Aerostar was sold to the current owner, Whitewater Creek Inc. in Coeur D'Alene Idaho.

This Aerostar has been nicely modified and updated over the years to provide for comfortable IFR travel  and  reliable transportation.  Among the many Aerostar mods on this plane are: Superstar I 700 modification; low speed flight control enhancement package; high-temperature throttle, prop and mixture cables; Star-stopper brake upgrade (just shy of the 700-6 performance); Electric Known-Ice windshield hot-plate; Inboard de-ice boots and manual alternate air controls; and many others.  With the Garmin GNS530 WAAS and the DAC roll steering (GPS steering), this plane makes for a fast  and effortless piece of IFR transportation.

This plane is also one of a short list of pressurized Aerostars that has had all of the windows replaced recently - a massive expense.

The current owner purchased this plane in 1995 and has used it for business and personal travel.  This Superstar is being sold due to the owner having a long term lease on a jet.

This Aerostar is based in the Coeur D'Alene Idaho and can be seen by appointment.  Insurance endorsed transition training and delivery are available. Please don't hesistate to inquire with regard to tailoring  this Aerostar to your needs (modifications, cosmetics, or avionics),  or to discuss financing options.

1979 Piper Aerostar 601P / Superstar 700

Aerostar 601P


Left Engine Log #1

Aicraft Log #1

Right Engine Log #1

Aircraft Log #2

Aircraft Log #3

        • Approx 3575 Hours Total Time Since New
        • Complete and Original Maintenance Logs Since New
        • No Known Damage History
        • March 1, 2018 Annual Due (Last Annual done at Aerostar Specialist The Flight Shop 2/7/2017)
        • Useful Load of 1793 lb
        • All New Windows installed in 2003 (Parts alone cost nearly $30,000 with very significant install cost)
        • Factory Overhead Late Style Air Conditioner Duct ($3800 part uninstalled)
        • Electric Driven R-12 Air Conditioning
        • Five seats present with Bench Seat, Swivel-Seat and Table
        • Door Ajar Annunciator
        • Factory Aux Hydraulic Pump (Electric)
        • Plastech Pull-Down Window Shade Kit ($12k+ installed)
        • Pneumatic Upper Cabin Door Support
        • Pneumatic Baggage Door Support
        • November Whiskey Seat Hardware Kit ($3k installed)

Option Number
Installed Price
Option #126
Electric Windshield Anti-Ice
$ 10,700
Option #144-501
Static Discharger Wicks 2 Piece Replaceable
$ 2,642
Option #241
Inconel Front Exhaust System
$ 10,992
Option #242
Inconel Exhaust Tail Pipes andWastegate Clamps
$ 9,888
Option #244
Auxiliary Fuel Tank System
$ 15,595

Option #246-1
700-6 Wheel Brake System
$ 7,140
Option #247
Turbo Induction Air Intercooling System
$ 20,000

Option #248
Overboost Protection
$ 4,113
Option #249
Low Noise Signature Prop. Blades (with new late hubs)
$ 19,300
Option #250
Low Speed Flight Control Enhancement System $ 6,020
Option #251
Fireproof Specification Engine Hoses $ 3,075
Option #252
Crankcase Breather Oil Recovery System $ 2,510

Option #253
Auxiliary Electric Seal Pump $ 2,900

Option #254
Engine Driven AC Compressor Kit
$ 8,551
X Modification
Engine Ice Protection & Inboard Wing Deice Kit $ 14,180

Option #262 & 264
5.5 PSID Cabin Pressurization Upgrade and FL280 Cert
$ 33,000

Option #268
KFC 225 Autopilot Total Installed Price $ 55,000

Option #270
Battery Relocation Kit* w/o Battery $ 3,748

Option #275
Blended Winglets $ 19,900

Option #276
Aux Cabin Heat System $ 8,900

Service Bulletin
SB Description
Installed Price
Heavy Duty Landing Gear Torque Links
$ 2,490
X 920A
Engine Fire Detection Kit
$ 1,978
X 600-119
8 ea. Inconel 4 Segment Turbo Clamps w/Gaskets
$ 2,916
X 600-120
6 ea. High Temperature Engine Control Cables
$ 4,905
X 600-126
Fuel Vent/Expansion Line Kit $ 2,100

Wastegate Actuator In-Line Oil Filter $ 1,374
X 600-128
Nose Gear Drag Brace Upgrade $ 2,121
X 600-129A
Turbocharger Oil Supply Relief/Shut-Off $ 832
X 600-130
Horizontal Stabilizer Attach Fittings Inspection
$ 105
X 600-131A
Overhauled Turbocharger Scavenge Pumps $ 4,410
X 600-132
Wing Spar Inspection $ 105
X 600-133R1
Improved Aileron Bellcrank Attachment $ 1,060
X 600-134A
Main Landing Gear Lower Side Brace $ 3,534


    • PS Engineering PM-8000B Audio Panel / Marker Beacon and 6 place intercom
    • Garmin GNS-530W GPS/Nav/Com Moving MAP with WAAS (Fully Coupled with GPSS - DAC roll steering installed 2008)
    • Collins Microline VIR 351 Nav #2 / VHF 251 Com #2
    • BFG WX-500 Remote Stormscope
    • Garmin GDL-69A Weather Uplink with Stereo Music Interface
    • Century IV Autopilot w/ Flight Director
    • Century NSD-360 Slaved HSI
    • Garmin GTX-330 Digital Mode S Transponder with Traffic
    • JPI EDM-760 Graphic Engine Monitor with Fuel Management
    • True Airspeed Indicator
    • Narco DME 195 Digital DME

    Please ask about avionics upgrades available.

Engines & Propellers

Left Engine
    • Lycoming IO-540-S1A5MM (350 horsepower Intercooled with 1800 hour recommended TBO)
    • 540 Hours Since Major Overhaul (Western Skyways, located in Montrose Colorado; completed November 2004)
    • Great history with compressions in the high 70's
    • Lycoming IO-540-S1A5MM (350 horsepower Intercooled with 1800 hour recommended TBO)
    • 540 Since Since Major Overhaul (Western Skyways, located in Montrose Colorado; completed November 2004)
    • Great history with compressions in the high 70's

Paint and Interior:
Paint was done in 2004 in the modernized Aerostar sweep scheme, white over navy blue with red and steel blue metallic.  Paint was done by Suncoast and will easily touch up to a conservative 8.5 on a scale of 10.  This painto is still very sharp and with the recent new glass this plane has an appearance  more near a 10 year old plane than its actual age.

Interior is original brown leather in a condition that shows that this Aerostar has not been abused.  Some carpet has been replaced.  There are areas of wear on the typical spots of the pilot's seat and entry area.  Rear areas are in very nice shape for a nearly 40 year old interior.

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