1979 Piper Aerostar 601P

Intercooled with Low Noise Signature Props

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N771LB was originally N8188J, born a 1979 Piper Aerostar 601P on Feb 8, 1979 after 10 hours and 30 minutes of test flight and issuance of a standard airworthiness certificate.  This plane appears to be the first with the new 3 gauge fuel quantity indication system which was later mandated by AD for all Aerostars, as it was issued an experimental airworthiness certificate the same day it was issued its original standard airworthiness certificate.  This aircraft appears to have been a factory demonstrator for its first several months and 200 hours or so.

N771LB is intercooled with the low noise signature prop blades, bringing rated horsepower from 290 hp to 305 hp at takeoff.  The high compression 601P is unequalled for its fuel efficiency and speed, and with 210 gal fuel capacity N771LB has incredible endurance and range.  In the 1970's and 1980's, the 601P's high compression engine often had issues with detonation when operated too lean or with certain maintenance deficiencies.  These detonation issues have all but disappeared with the proliferation of intercoolers and graphic engine monitors, bringing the high compression turbo-charged engine formula back into vogue. With a long-range cruise of 195 knots at 12.5 - 13.0  gph per engine, this 601P has nearly 7 hours of endurance after a climb to FL250, with reserves.  That translates to 1300 nm range in still wind!  Winter tailwinds averaging  75 knots at FL250 are not rare, giving this plane 1800 nm range!  On the return trip, climb just high enough to get out of the turbulence and low enough to be out of the strong jetstream.

This Aerostar 601P is an ideal plane for a someone looking for an efficient cross country machine that could be modernized along the way, or for the pilot that is comfortable with an "old school" panel. The intercooled 601P will deliver 230-235 knot performance at 35 gph, or an efficient 200 knots on 25-27 gph.  The 601P engine is very hard to kill - there is one 601P in the fleet that ran its original engines to 2600+ hours without ever having a cylinder off either engine!  Keep in mind the Aerostar 601P is twin-turbocharged, and most often flown at 14,000 ft to FL250 with long climbs!

N771LB has been annualed and maintained by numerous Aerostar specialists over the years. The most recent annual was done locally in October of 2015.  Most of the annuals for the last 15 year were done by Aerostar specialist Henry Weber Aircraft in Pennsylvania, the last of which was less than 20 operational hours ago.

This Aerostar is based in Colorado and can be seen by appointment only.  Insurance endorsed transition training and delivery are available.  Please don't hesistate to inquire with regard to upgrades or customization requests.

1979 Piper Aerostar 601P

Aerostar 601P



Engine Log Left

Aircraft Log #1

Engine Log Right

Aicraft Log #2

        • Approx 3125 Hours Total Time Since New
        • Complete and Original Maintenance Logs Since New
        • Belly Landed in 1995, fully and professionally repaired including engine teardown inspections done by Mattituck
        • Machen Intercooled
        • Machen Low Noise Signature Prop Blades
        • Full Surface De-ice (All boots except for vertical stab boot appear to be very near new)
        • Known-Ice Glass Windshield De-ice Plate
        • Known-Ice inboard boots and manual alternate air doors
        • Six-place Interior with Bench Seat, Swivel-Seat and Table
        • Door Ajar Annunciator
        • Factory Aux Hydraulic Pump (Electric)
        • Sea-Level Pressurization Controller
        • Pneumatic Upper Cabin Door Support
        • Pneumatic Baggage Door Support
        • Glareshield Mounted Aux Steering Switch

Option Number
Installed Price
Option #126
Electric Windshield Anti-Ice
$ 10,700
Option #144-501
Static Discharger Wicks 2 Piece Replaceable
$ 2,642

Option #241
Inconel Front Exhaust System
$ 10,992
Option #242
Inconel Exhaust Tail Pipes and Wastegate Clamps
$ 9,888
Option #244
Auxiliary Fuel Tank System
$ 15,595
Option #246-1
700-6 Wheel Brake System
$ 7,140
Option #247
Turbo Induction Air Intercooling System
$ 20,000

Option #248
Overboost Protection
$ 4,113
Option #249
Low Noise Signature Prop. Blades (with new late hubs)
$ 19,300
Option #250
Low Speed Flight Control Enhancement System $ 6,020

Option #251
Fireproof Specification Engine Hoses $ 3,075
Option #252
Crankcase Breather Oil Recovery System $ 2,510
Option #253
Auxiliary Electric Seal Pump $ 2,900

Option #254
Engine Driven AC Compressor Kit (R134A) $ 8,551
Engine Ice Protection & Inboard Wing Deice Kit $ 14,180

Option #262 & 264
5.5 PSID Cabin Pressurization Upgrade and FL280 Cert
$ 33,000

Option #268
KFC 225 Autopilot Total Installed Price $ 55,000

Option #270
Battery Relocation Kit* w/o Battery $ 3,748

Option #275
Blended Winglets $ 19,900

Option #276
Aux Cabin Heat System $ 8,900

Service Bulletin
SB Description
Installed Price
Heavy Duty Landing Gear Torque Links
$ 2,490
X 920A
Engine Fire Detection Kit
$ 1,978
X 600-119
8 ea. Inconel 4 Segment Turbo Clamps w/Gaskets
$ 2,916
6 ea. High Temperature Engine Control Cables
$ 4,905
X 600-126
Fuel Vent/Expansion Line Kit $ 2,100

Wastegate Actuator In-Line Oil Filter $ 1,374
X 600-128
Nose Gear Drag Brace Upgrade $ 2,121
X 600-129A
Turbocharger Oil Supply Relief/Shut-Off $ 832
X 600-130
Horizontal Stabilizer Attach Fittings Inspection
$ 105
X 600-131A
Overhauled Turbocharger Scavenge Pumps $ 4,410
X 600-132
Wing Spar Inspection $ 105
X 600-133R1
Improved Aileron Bellcrank Attachment $ 1,060
X 600-134A
Main Landing Gear Lower Side Brace $ 3,534


Center Radio Stack (top to bottom):
    • Collins AMR-350 Audio Panel / Marker Beacon
    • Bendix-King RDR-150 Color Radar
    • King KLN-90B IFR GPS
    • King KY196 Digital Comm #1
    • King KNS-81 RNAV/DME Nav #1
    • King KX-165 Nav-Comm #2
    • Century IV Autopilot with Flight Director (Fully Approach Coupled)
    • Collins TDR-950 Transponder #2
Pilots Panel:
    • Davtron M800 Chronometer
    • Dual Century NSD-360 Slaved HSI's
    • Century Attitude Indicator with Flight Director
    • Low Oil Pressure Annuniciator Mod (top center of pilot's primary panel)
    • Ryan WX-10 Stormscope (Lightning detection)
    • King KT-70 Digital Transponder #1 (Pilot's lower sub-panel)
    • Terra Radar Altimeter
    • King Digital DME
    • Glareshield Mounted Second Steering Switch
    • King KNI-582 Slaved RMI
Co-pilot's panel:
    • JPI EDM-760 Graphic Engine Monitor
    • Shadin Digital Fuel Management System
    •  Huntington Lift Reserve Indicator System
    • Terra backup battery system "EPU"

    Please ask about avionics upgrades available.

Engines & Propellers

Left and Right Engine
    • Lycoming IO-540-S1A5 (305 hp Machen intercooled with 1800 hour recommended TBO)
    • 860 Since Major Overhaul (Mattituck)

Paint and Interior:
Paint is in very good condition with base Matterhorn White with Red and Black Accents.  Paint has a few flaws in the normal wear areas.  There is no appreciable loss of glossiness to the paint.  This plane has obviously been hangared since paint.  Glass is in very good condition with some typical superficial surface scratching, and there are two "fisheyes" on the emergency exit glass where rock chips have been smoothed out.

Interior is done in black leather with charcoal carpet in good condition, showing some wear in the typical areas of the seats and some light carpet staining that should be easily removed with detailing.   Leather seats are showing some checking typical of older N771LB has all six seats present, and has the executive table, bench seat, and swiveling right side middle seat.



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