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Revised 9/16/2011 (08:54 MDT): Updated specs to add WX-500 Remote Stormscope

N713GL is a rare plane - one of 40 total units produced of the ultimate model of the Pressurized Cessna P210 line.  Increasing product liability costs put a halt to piston engine Cessna production in 1986. There were only six P210's that came off the production line after N713GL.

There were quite a few significant improvements in the P210R.  The 325 hp Continental TSIO-520CE was introduced with a more efficient two-stage intercooler, and a redesigned  cowling with larger cowl flaps and other modifications to improve cooling on the R model P210.  Gross weight was increased to 4100 lbs.  Wingtips were redesigned to comply with FAR part 23 lightning requirement, improve aerodynamics, and  improve stall behavior at the break.  Most notable in the P210R was a completely redesigned tail with 3 feet more span,  completely eliminating the aileron-rudder interconnect as well as the bobweight and downsprings which make the elevator so heavy on the previous N model P210's.  Fuel management was simplified further by incorporation of a "BOTH" setting on the fuel selector for access to the massive 120 gal optional fuel tanks.  Optimum cruise speed at FL200 increased by 20 knots on the P210R model.

This plane spent its early life with a Cessna dealer in Florida, proceeded on paper through a few aircraft dealers on its way to its first private owner in  Klamath Falls Oregon. After 6 years in Klamath Falls, the second private owner was Baker Car and Truck Rental in Arkansas. Van Bortel Aircraft in Arlington Texas sold the plane to the third owner in 1998.  The current owner has had the plane based outside of Denver since 2005.

N713GL is loaded with modern avionics, leaving little to be desired for the pickiest of pilots.  The O&N aux fuel tank brings the total fuel capacity to 149 gallons, giving a max endurance profile along the lines of 10 hours.  Radar, uplink, WAAS GPS, altitude preselect, active traffic avoidance, known-ice and air conditioning make this the ultimate piston single engine cross-coutry machine.

Please don't hesitate to call us at (303) 503-8356 with further questions regarding N713GL, insurance, finance options, upgrades or transition training. This plane is based at the Denver Metro Airport (KBJC) and can be viewed by appointment.

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Cessna Pressurized Centurion P210R

sn: P21000868


        • 3063 Hours Total Time Since New
        • No Known Damage History
        • Scheduled for an October 2011 Annual
        • No Corrosion Issues - Hangared Since New
        • Complete Logbooks back to factory test flight 1985.

        Optional Equipment:

        • Long-range fuel; O&N Aux Fuel Tank  (144 gal Usable)
        • Rosen Visors
        • M20 Air-Oil Separator
        • Engine Driven Air-Conditioning System
        • Certified for flight into KNOWN ICING conditions (Boots in very good condition)
        • Pod Mounted Radar
        • Metal Instrument Panels
        • GAMI injectors



        • Garmin GNS-530 WAAS GPS / Map / Nav / Comm
        • King KCS-55A Slaved HSI with primary glideslope
        • Avidyne EX-500 Multi-Function Display (displays RDR-160 Color Radar)
        • Bendix RDR-160 Radar with Pod
        • BFG WX-500 Remote Stormscope
        • XM Weather / Data Uplink
        • Avidyne TAS-610 Active Traffic Avoidance System
        • King KX-155 #2 Nav-Com (with KI-209 Glideslope Indicator)
        • S-Tec 60-2 Autopilot (Fully Loaded with Altitude Pre-Select  and Rate-of-Climb Select)
        • PS Engineering Audio Panel with Marker Beacon
        • King KT-76C Transponder with Mode C
        • King KR-87 Digital ADF / Timer
        • JPI EDM-700 Graphic Engine Monitor
        • Shadin ADC-2000 Fuel Management and Air-Data Compurter
        • Castleberry Electric Backup Horizon with Battery Backup
        • 406 MHz ELT

Engine & Propeller
    • Continental TSIO-520CE (Factory Intercooled - 325 hp) with 1600 hr Recommended TBO
    • 1547 Hours Since Continental Gold Seal Factory Remanufacture
    • 617 Hours Since Top Overhaul
    • GAMI injectors
    • 1174 Since Propeller Overhaul

Paint & Interior

Paint was last done in 1998 using the factory 1985/1986 scheme with updated colors.  Paint shows well considering 13 years in service. There is very little loss of glossiness.  There are some flaws in high wear areas and around often removed fasteners.  Paint could be readily touched-up to a conservative 8/10 on the bluebook scale.

Interior was done in  leather in 1998, with a complementary patterned fabric accent. Leather is showing wear consistent with a well cared for interior with 13 years in service and more than 1000 hours of use.  There is some isolated cracked plastic in the high wear areas of the interior. 

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