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1966 Cessna T-210F Turbo Centurion
RAM 310hp Conversion.

N6797R is the last of the strutted T210's, serial number 197 of 197 built.  The T210F uses the strutted wing and Skylane/206 airfoil.  This wing combined with the 310 hp RAM conversion makes this plane leap off the ground - the best short-field performance of all the T210's.

N6797R started its life in Portand Oregon, and since has lived in Carson City Nevada, Butte Montana,  Rifle/Glenwood Colorado and Denver Colorado.  The most recent owner has hangared 97R in Nebraska.  Having lived in these dry locations and being hangared, the corrosion levels throughout this airframe are better than the fleet average. All the glass except for the windshield appears to be original and in fair condition showing milkiness all around.  There is no hail damage.   The foam filled trim tab has been replaced and the elevator trailing edges are in very good shape.    The exhaust system was recently overhauled by Knisley. All the hydraulic gear hoses were redone in 2004.

This plane is nicely updated with the Aspen primary flight display, Garmin 750 touchscreen GPS, Garmin remote 'mode S' transponder, and Stec autopilot.  Additionally, the GAMI injectors along with the EDM-800 with fuel flow, MP and tach option allow this T210 to run beautifully lean of peak.  At 8,500 feet and 13.5 GPH this plane will cruise at 182 mph (160 knots TAS).  At FL200 speed increases to 205 mph (170+ knots true) at 13.5 GPH.

Please don't hesitate to call us at (303) 503-8356 with further questions regarding N6797R, insurance, finance options, upgrades or transition training. This plane is not based in the Denver area and can be viewed by appointment.

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1966 Cessna T-210F



Aircraft Log #1

Aircrat Log #2

Aircraft Log #3

Engine Log

        • 4429 Hours Total Time Since New
        • Logbook, Airframe, NTSB/Incident Reports and Form 337 review indicate No Major Damage History.
        • Annual Due April 1, 2018
        • Nice Straight Corrosion Free Airframe (OR, MT, CO, NV, and NE History)
        • Complete Logbooks going back to  9/27/1966 (Flight Test of 6.7 hours)
        • Bladders both last done 1988, right is leaking significantly and currently unairworthyt
        • Power pack is original and leaking
        • Bulkhead attach point for tail has crack in doubler which will need to be repaired
        • Left main landing gear actuator leaking
        • Numerous dings in lower fuselage, likely due to off-field operation

        Optional Equipment:

        • RAM 310 HP Mod with Square-Tip McCauley C402 Prop
        • Pilot and Co-pilot Inertia Reel Harnesses
        • Strobe Light
        • Cessna "Umbrella Type" Fuel Caps
        • 84 Gal Fuel Capacity


        • Aspen EFD-1000 Primary Flight Display
        • Garmin GTN-750 Touchscreen WAAS GPS/MAP/Nav-Comm
        • King KX-155 #2 Nav-Com
        • PS Engineering PMA8000BT Audio Panel with Marker
        • Garmin GTX33 Remote Mode S Transponder with Traffic
        • JPI EDM-800 Graphic Engine Monitor with Fuel Totalizer Option (MAP and Tach readout)
        • Stec 20 Auto-Pilot (Heading Bug and Nav Coupling)

Engines & Propellers
    • Continental TSIO-520 (310 hp, 1700 Hour Recommended TBO)
    • Phase III Heavy Case and VAR Crankshaft
    • 1149 Hours Since Major Overhaul (Nick Carter Engines)
    • Good compressions 70+/80 and  low oil burn.
    • Turbo - GAMI injectors
    • Propeller is McCauley C402 Model Square Tipped with 1145 Since Overhaul

Paint & Interior

Paint is in good condition and rates a conservative 7/10.  Very little loss of glossiness if any. Some chipping at often used fasteners. Some scratches.  Top of cowling has been re-painted at some point. Windshield has been replaced and is in good condition, with minimal crazing noticable when pointed into the sun. Side and rear glass appear to be all original blue-green Cessna tinted glass and in good condition with minimal milkiness and scratches.  Rear window is not significantly milky in appearance.

Above picture taken 2010

Above picture taken 2010

Frayed windlace trim around interior door is being redone.

Interior is somewhat dated but in good condition.  Seats have been recently recovered and are in very good condition. Headliner was installed new in the past few years and is in excellent condition.  Glareshield was recently recovered.  Carpet has been replaced and is in very good condition.  Side panels are original and showing some age, although they show the good care this plane has had over the years.

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