1970 Beechcraft A60* Duke
(* Modified to B60 Systems with 232 gal fuel cap, King Air Pressurization System, and E1C4 Engines)

N54DB is a 1970 production A60 Duke, rare in that it has been modified to B60 systems including the 232 gal fuel capacity upgrade, B60 / King Air pressurization system upgrade, and E1C4 engines that have been upgraded with carbide lifters.  My understanding is that there has yet to be a cam/lifter failure documented with carbide lifters installed.  Straight 60 and A60 Dukes were equipped with the "Dukes" pressurization system components which evidently were problematic.  This plane has been updated to the King Air pressurization components as were the B60 models.

This Duke has been maintained for decades by Bob Brungard / Brungard Aviation in Boulder Colorado.  Bob Brungard started with the local Beechcraft dealer before for starting his own specialty shop for Dukes and Beechcraft products.  The magnesium tail surfaces and flight controls are impeccable on this Duke with regard to corrosion, which I would attribute to the climate this Duke has lived in, being hangared, and having been maintained by the Duke specialist.  The maintenance history of this plane shows in the way it flies.  The engines are as close to "set it and forget it" as turbo-charged piston engines get.  The engines start easily, run exceptionally smoothly, and temperatures are easily managable in all phases of flight. Pressurization goes right up to just short of red-line just like it is supposed to. Turbo-systems works like it should, climbing well all the way to the mid 20's with very easily managed temperatures.

Equipped with radar, Garmin 530 WAAS and Garmin 430 WAAS, and Century IV autopilot, this is a turn-key ready to go cross country machine.  If any prospective buyer is looking to do a touch-screen upgrade we can do a competetivelt priced installation that can often be included in financing.  Owner has upgraded to a turbine Duke - the turbine STC does not apply to the A60 or this airframe would have been converted.

You can view this Duke by appointment.   Please don't hesistate to inquire with regard to tailoring  this plane to your needs (modifications, cosmetics, or avionics),  or to discuss financing options.

1970 Beechcraft B-60 Duke

Beechcraft A60


sn: P-127
        • 3550 Hours Total Time Since New
        • First Aircraft Log was lost; Logs start  9/2/1977 at  779.2  Total Time
        • Hangared Dry Country Plane
        • No Known Damage History

        • 3/1/2020 Annual Due
        • 3/1/2021 Pitot-Static and Transponder Due
        • Air Conditioning
        • Known Ice with Glass Pilots Windshield in very good condition
        • Long Range Fuel 232 gal
        • Six seats in club seating arrangement


    • Garmin GNS-530 WAAS  GPS/MAP/NAV/COM
    • Garmin GNS-430 WAAS  GPS/MAP/NAV/COM
    • Garmin GTX-330 #1 Transponder with ES modification meets 2020 ADS-B requirements
    • Garmin GMA-340 Audio Panel
    • Garmin GDL-69 Weather Uplink
    • Bendix RDR series monochrome radar in good working order
    • Collins PN-101 Pilot's Slaved HSI
    • Century IV Autopilot w/ Flight Director and optional Yaw Damper
    • JPI Fuelscan 450 Fuel Management System
    • JPI EDM-760 Graphic Engine Monitor
    • Co-Pilots panel has sacred six less turn-coordinator.
    • Powered Lemo Jacks for Bose X or Bose 20 headsets
    • Altitude Alerter

Engines & Propellers

    • Lycoming TIO-541-E1C4 Engines Left and Right (380 horsepowerwith 1600 hour recommended TBO)
    • Right Engine: is Lycoming TIO-541E1C4 serial number L-840-59
    • 433.8 Hours Since Bottom End Overhaul, Crankcase overhauled by Crankcase Services Inc, Crankshaft/Rods/Camshaft overhauled by Aircraft Specialties, New carbide lifters installed, New bearings/rod bolts & nuts
    • 1013 Hours Since last Major Overhaul, included New Lycoming Cylinder Assemblies, Case overhauled by Divco, crankshaft ovehauled by Nicksons, Camshaft new from Lycoming,
    • 70 hours since overhauled turbo, wastegate, factory new transition with new seals, new wastegate tailpipe, new turbo blanket.

    • Left EngineLycoming TIO-541E1C4 serial number L-654-59
    • 337.1 Hours Since Major Overhaul , Crankcase overhauled by Divco, Crankshaft overhauled by Nicksons, New Bearings, Carbide Lifters.

Paint and Interior:
Paint was done in 1986 at Cimmaron, base US Paint #6160 Matterhorn White with Imron and Stripes: #78390 Khaki Tan, #32678 Wine, and #62006 Forest Green. Paint condition shows the way this Duke has been cared for over the years.  Nose sections and inboard leading edges have recently been professionally touched up.  The paint is toward the end of its life but the plane is still very attractive.  Glass is all in good condition.

Interior is in good condition done in beige leather, with burgundy patterned carpet. Interior shows a little bit of wear showing in the typical areas, most noticiable on the aisle side of the pilot's seat (See gallery of  pictures below).

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