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1980 Cessna Turbo Skylane RG

The Turbo Skylane RG has long been regarded to be one of the best of Cessna's many fantastic single engine designs.  Lycomings of the 540 cubic inch family are often rated up to 350 horsepower. Rated at only 235 hp in the Turbo Skylane RG this engine tends to last nearly forever.  The Turbo Skylane RG will cruise at 170 KTAS at altitude, and has remarkable endurance and range with  the 88 gal "wet wing".  The Skylane RG gear system is very reliable with the hydro-electric power-pack system developed for the late 1970's vintage Cessnas.

This is arguably the finest TR182 on the market today, as well as being one of the finest all-around 182RG's in existence.

N4920S is a three owner plane, with it's second owner having owned it from 1985-2004, based in the high desert climate of Reno Nevada. The third owner has had the plane in inland Northern California for the past 5-6 years, where it has been hangared and mostly used for day trips.  This plane has no history of airframe damage, complete maintenance records since new, no corrosion, and has spent nearly it's entire off-duty life in a hangar.  The glass on this plane is in exceptional condition, especially considering all but the windshield is original.  There are very few Skylane RG's left with a similar impeccable history, and even fewer which are so loaded with equipment.

The engine major overhaul was done in a premium shop with no expense spared.  Original paint and interior show the manner in which this plane has been handled through the years.

For those who want the latest and greatest, we can coordiate competitive avionics upgrades with a very short downtime - any upgrades can be included in financing.

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1980 Cessna TR182 



        • Approximately 2483 Hours Total Time Since New
        • Logbook, Airframe, NTSB / Incident Reports and Form 337 review indicate No Damage History.
        • Hangared Since New
        • Exceptionally Corrosion Free Airframe (Illinois, Reno NV and Northern CA History)
        • Complete Logbooks (back to test flight)
        • Annual Due 11/1/2011
        • Oxygen Bottle Hydrostatic due 2011
Original Equipment List
Page 1

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Original Equipment List
Page 2

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        Optional Equipment:

        • Full Robertson STOL with Drooping Ailerons
        • BAS Inertia-reel Harnesses (Pilot / Co-pilot)
        • Secondary Electric Vacuum Pump
        • Pulse Light System
        • Factory Installed 4 Place Oxygen (Hydrostatic good through 10/2003)
        • Courtesy Lights
        • Ground Service Plug
        • Hinged Right-Hand Window
        • Fully Articulating Pilot's and Co-Pilot's Seats
        • Strobe Lights
        • Long Range Fuel (88 usable) with New Style Cessna Fuel Caps
        • All circuit breakers upgraded to "pull off" style breakers - the way they should have been from the factory! ($450 in breakers plus  installation & custom metal breaker panel)


 (Click for full-size Image)

 (Click for full-size Image)

        • King KFC-200 Autopilot / Flight Director / Slaved HSI (Full Approach Coupling / Altidude Hold / Nav Coupling  - This Autopilot was a $25k option in 1980)
        • Garmin 155 IFR GPS with Approach and Enroute Approval
        • King KY-196 Digital Com #1
        • King KNS-80 Digital RNAV / Nav #1
        • King KY-196 Digital Com #2
        • King KN-53 Digital Nav #2
        • King KR-87 Digital ADF / Timer (displayed on Argus 7000)
        • King KT-76A Transponder
        • King KRA-10 Radar Altimeter
        • Argus 7000 Moving Map (Displays ADF)
        • Shadin Digital Fuel Management / Air Data Computer
        • Ryan 8000 TCAD
        • Insight SF-2000 Strikefinder Weather Detection
        • Insight Graphic Engine Monitor 602 with Turbine Inlet Temp
        • Co-pilot's Electric Standby Horizon, Directional Gyro, and Altimeter
        • Davtron Digital DVOR
        • DRE-444 Intercom (with 2 Bose Series 1 Noise Active Noise Cancelling Headsets)
        • Electric Second Vacuum Pump
        • Annunciators for Low Voltage / Low Vac / Low Oil Pressure / AP Fail
        • Digital Tachometer
        • External Antenna Jack for Portable Comm
        • Hamilton Vertical Card Compass

No expense has been spared to make this Skylane RG a safe IFR platform - aside from the basic King Digital Avionics and KFC-200 AP/FD, over $47,000 was spent in 1995 to upgrade this panel to it's current state.  Extras to enhance safe IFR operation include: full set of annunciators for low vacuum, low voltage, low oil pressure, and autopilot fail; secondary vacuum pump running on ship's electrical (not the Precise Flight venturi design that does not work on turbo-charged aicraft while at high power), radar altimeter, electric co-pilot's attitude indicator, co-pilot's directional gyro, Ryan TCAD, Strikefinder lightning detection and more.  All new high quality circuit breakers to replace cheap OEM Cessna breakers. Custom metal panel was done by by a top avionics shop - Avionics West in Santa Maria, CA.

Engines & Propellers
    • Lycoming O-540-L3C5D (235 HP with 2000 Hour Recommended TBO)
    • 793 Hours Since Major Overhaul  by Lynn's Aircraft Engines (CRS #YB3R991L)
    • Major Overhaul included all new Lycoming Cylinder Kits, Factory New Cam and Lifters
    • Full Oil Analysis Records
    • Compressions Last Annual ( 1: 75   2: 74   3: 78   4: 78   5: 77   6: 76   /80)
    • Tanis Engine Preheater (TAS-100) with oil sump and cylinder pre-heat
    • 793 Since Turbo-charger, Oil Cooler, Starter, Alternator, Carburetor, Propeller, Propeller Governor, Magnetos, Fuel Pump,  ...  - overhauled
    • 793 Hours on New Lord Mounts, New Lifetime Teflon Hoses
    • Full Oil Analysis Records Since Overhaul

Paint & Interior

Paint is factory original (has never even been touched up), base vestal white with Century Orange major and Toffee Brown minor accents. Paint is in exceptional condition for it's age, and is indicative of the great care that this plane has received in it's life.  Windshield has been recently replaced and is in excellent condition.  Side and rear glass is original  and show no milkiness whatsoever (and very few flaws in general) .

(Click for full-size image)

Interior is factory original, done in  rust vinyl with rust Hannover fabric inserts.  Interior is in exceptional condition for it's age, and is indicative of the great care that this plane has received in it's life.  Seating for four, all seats with headrests, with BAS inertia-reel harnesses for pilot and co-pilot.  Four-place DRE intercom with Bose active noise cancelling headsets for pilot and co-pilot. 

Looking aft from baggage area.

Right wing looking at spar and aileron pulley.

Right wing looking inboard from approx strut attach point.

Right wing looking inboard, forward of spar at mid-wing.

Right wing looking ourtboard from about mid-wing forward of spar.

Right wing looking inboard down leading edge.

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