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N4906D is a barn find straight tail if there ever was one.   This plane was originally sold to a doctor in Wichita who owned it for three years.  The next owner was a rancher in the Amarillo Texas area who purchased the plane in 1961.  This plane has spent its entire life in some of the best areas for aircraft storage in the world.  This 182A is believed to have been hangared its entire life based upon the extremely low corrosion levels, as well as the condition of the original glass and paint.

N4906D shows no signs of damage history, has a complete set of maintenance records from the day she rolled of the assembly line, and may be the finest original straight tail left in existence.  The interior sheet metal shines inside like the day it was born.

I am not so sure this plane has always been in annual when flown.  The last logbook entry is in 1997, an oil change and compression check.  The owner was a rancher, and I have certainly seen many instances where a rancher was self-insured,  out of a medical, and really not too concerned whether all the "T"s were crossed and "i"s were dotted.  The plane sure does not appear to have been sitting for that long.

N4906D appears to have original bladders according to the records, and shows no sign of ever having leaked.  She is sitting with 15 gallons a side in her currently, and is not leaking.  Please don't ask what it will take to make it ferriable, as I am not able to sign the ferry permit, and what is needed is entirely dependent on what the A&P who will sign wants done. 

I have not noticed any significant hangar rash, hail damage or other trauma.  I have not spent tons of time looking over the plane.  The tips were all painted dayglow orange with a "rattle-can" for visibility - there is quite a bit of crop-dusting going on in the area.  This paint will buff off readily.

The co-pilots seat matching the original interior is present, and will go with the plane.  The co-pilots seat pictured will not.  The owner's wife did not like the original, and thus he found a seat that she liked for that position. 

The orignal main wheel fairings are not pictured, but included with the plane.  The main wheel fairings and the aircraft maintenance logs are in Colorado.

This plane will make an excellent classic for someone who appreciates an original plane from that era.  I am not interested in selling it to a jump operation or any party who is just going to just use it up.  I would prefer the plane remain a tricycle gear - tailwheels just get twisted up too often.

Please don't hesitate to call us at (303) 503-8356 with further questions regarding N4906D in general, insurance, finance options, upgrades or training. This plane is hangared in the Amarillo Texas area and can be viewed by appointment.

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1958 Cessna 182A 

N4906D sn: 51006

Aircraft Log #1

Engine Log #1

Engine Log #2

        • Approximately 1930 Hours Total Time Since New
        • Logbook, Airframe, NTSB/Incident Reports and Form 337 show no known damage history
        • Complete and Original Logbooks
        • Hangared  dry-country plane since new

        Optional Equipment:

        • 4 Place Oxygen (Bottle and Regulator Removed)


        • Factory Installed Audio Switching
        • Narco Com 120 (720 Channels)
        • Narco Nav 122 (self contained Nav with Full ILS capability)
        • Narco Mk-12 (may be an original radio)
        • Cessna 300 Transponder (this is a King KT-76 with a Cessna faceplate, very reliable)
        • King KR-86 ADF
        • Narco DME-190

Engines & Propellers
    • Continental O-470L 230hp (1500 Recommended TBO)
    • Engine was majored at about 845 hours total time in 1971
    • Quite a few cylinders overhauled over the years
    • Propeller is a McCauley

Paint & Interior

Paint is original, and I don't recall seeing signs of any major touch-up.  This paint certainly is not new, but in as good condition as one could expect to find a 1958 exterior to be in that was used.

Interior is original.  Yokes are in very nice shape in Turquoise Blue.   In my opinion, this interior should be boxed up and placed carefully in storage and a "working interior" installed - if there are any straight tails out there with an original interior in better shape, I would love to see it.

I believe the glass to be original.  I have not cleaned it up to the point of being able to represent its condition really accurately with regard to scratches, but it certainly does not show the typical sun trauma that you would expect on older glass.

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