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SOLD - 1968 Cessna 182L Skylane (P-Ponk) - SOLD

The 1968 182L model Skylane was the 5th year of the modern, wide-body fuselage still in production today.  The 1968 L-model Skylane had two notable changes: pre-select flaps and the standard T arrangement of the sacred six flight instruments.  No longer do you have to hold the flap switch down until you get the flap setting you are looking for, just select the flap position desired and flaps are automatically deployed to that setting.  Already introduced in previous model years was: one-piece rear window, redesigned tear-drop aft side window, new pointed prop spinner, increased horizontal-stabilizer / elevator size, thicker one-piece windshield, magnesium control wheels, new cabin door latches, short-stroke nose gear oleo strut, and vertical stab tip extension.

This Skylane had the very desirable P-Ponk Super Eagle O-470-50 (275 hp) mod to the engine, a 3-blade prop conversion, 2000 hour recomended TBO engine, and a Horton STOL kit. The P-Ponk mod puts Continental 520 Cylinders onto the O-470 engine (an increase of 50 cubic inches of displacement), modifies the crankcase, and then derates the engine to 275 hp.

The majority of this Skylanes life has been in Colorado, it is currently based in Western Colorado, and is available for inspection by appointment.

All specifications are believed to be accurate but are subject to verification.

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 Cessna 182L Skylane

sn: 18258652

        • Approximately 5540  Hours Total Time Since New
        • Aircraft logs start July 1971 at approx 1270 hours total time (original logs noted as destroyed)
        • No Known Damage History
        • No Corrosion Issues (predominantly Colorado based plane)
        • Fresh August 2011 Annual in Progress

  Optional Equipment
        • Horton STOL Kit
        • P-Ponk O-470-50 STC
        • Long Range Fuel (80 gal)
        • Intercom (4 Place)
        • Wheel Fairings (Nosewheel fairing included - currently being repaired)


        • PS Engineering PMA8000 Audio Panel with Marker Beacon and Intercom (4 Pl)
        • TKM MX-170B Digital Nav-Comm #1 (VOR / LOC / Glideslope)
        • King KX-170B Nav-Comm #2 (VOR / LOC)
        • King KN-65 Digital DME
        • Garmin GTX-320 Transponder (encoder)
        • 4 Place Intercom
        • Docked Garmin 396 Portable GPS
        • Nicely refinished panels and sub-panels

Engine & Propeller
    •  275 hp P.Ponk Modified Engine (Continental O-470-50)
    • Approximately 550 hours Since Modification & Major Overhaul by P.Ponk in Dec 2005 (2000 Hour Recommended TBO)
    • Approximately 550 Hours Since Overhaul on 3-Blade Propeller

Paint and Interior

Paint was done in early 1980's, red on white.  Some of the upper areas colored red are getting thin (typical of red paint which is highly subject to fading).   There is chipping in the high traffic areas around inspection doors.

Interior was completely re-done in tan leather in 2008 and is in near new condition.  Instrument panel and sub-panels have been refinished and are in excellent condition.

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