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1966 Cessna 182J Skylane
May 19, 2011: Added engine pictures

By the time Cessna rolled out the 1964 G-model the Skylane had been widened and restyled to the same basic fuselage that is still in production today.  The 1966 J model has the new pointy prop spinner, a factory 1-piece windshield, and redesigned yokes and pedals.

N2963F has a very dry history, with Kansas and Colorado being called home throughout its life.  For its early life this plane was based in the Pratt and Dodge City area of Kansas, and moved to Colorado in 1986.  Looking up into the aft portion of the wing you will see some very light spots and bright shiny sheet metal! You will rarely find an older Skylane with as little corrosion as this plane, and I would rate this plane at the 90-95th percentile for low corrosion on a mid-1960's Skylane. 

Looking at the original back window (looking back toward the tail), it is evident that N2963F has not been in the sun very much -  Planes that have sat on the ramp alot will show significant milkiness at this stage.

The down side to our dry country is that we get our fair share of hail, and N2963F does have some hail damage - the dings are shallow (small hail) and apparent on the thinner skins of the flight controls and the top of the aft fuselage.

N2963F has complete logs including the factory test flight, and a low time Western  Skyways engine. This plane is based based in the Denver area and is available for inspection by appointment.

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 Cessna 182J Skylane     

sn: 18257063

        • Approx 4987 Hours Total Time Since New
        • Complete Logs Since New
        • No Corrosion Issues (Kansas and Colorado History)
        • Light Hail Damage
        • Late 1980's Nose Gear Collapse with Firewall Replacement / Beef-up kit by Beegles
        • No other known Major Damage History
        • Annual Due May 2011
        • New 406 mhz / 121.5 ELT installed 2008
        • Pitot-Static and Transponder Due May 2012
        • Useful Load is Approx 1050 lb.
        • Long range fuel

  Optional Equipment
        • Updated with Modern Gyros
        • Big Tires and Heavy Nose Gear Fork with Big Fairings (800x6 Mains and 600x6 Nose)
        • Wheel Fairings
        • Texas Skyways Engine Mount Heat Shield Kit
        • Cessna "Umbrella" Fuel Cap Kit


        • Factory Audio Switching
        • TKM Digital MX-170C Nav-Comm #1 (VOR / LOC / Glideslope)
        • King KX-170B Nav-Comm #2 (VOR / LOC)
        • King KT-76 Transponder (encoder)
        • Bendix T12D ADF
        • BF Goodrich Loran (INOP)
        • 4 Place Intercom
        • Genave 3-Light Marker Beacon

Engine & Propeller

    • Continental O-470R (230 horsepower)
    • 456 Since  Superior Millenium Engine (1500 Hour Recommended TBO; Installed May of 2004)
    • 456 Hours Since Overhaul on Upgraded Factory NEW McCauley 2A34C203 Propeller on STC #SA01033CH including NEW spinner and NEW Governor

Paint and Interior

Paint was done in 1993 by Flying Colors, Longmont Colorado.  The paint was fully stripped and redone with a Jet-glo base "Snow White" 570-566, with Acry-glo accents TQ-10041 "Coral Red" and TP-10129 "Express Blue". Flight controls were all checked for balance.  This plane has been kept out of the sun under a port since paint.  Paint is very complete and in good condition - the paint condition rates 6.5 to 7 on a scale of 10 (per theAircraft Bluebook scale), what most would call a 7 to 7.5+ of 10.

Interior was done in 1994 with wool covered seats in charcoal gray tones.  Headliner needs some stitchwork redone on one seam, in good condition otherwise.  Some light staining in the carpet near the pedals, would likely clean up with a good detail job.  Interior is in good condition and would rate in the 7 range conservatively.

Clean shiny sheet metal with light spotty surface corrosion. Most are not this clean at this point.

Note how clean the aft upper spar cap is - this plane is top 10% with regard to low corrosion level for 1960's vintage.

Note condition of pilot seat.


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