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1966 Cessna 182J Skylane

By the 1964 G-model the Skylane was widened and restyled to the basic fuselage that is still in production today.  By the time production started on the 1966 J model, the prop spinner was redesigned, the windshield was a factory 1-piece unit, and the yokes and pedals had been redesigned.

N24JC is a rare full Robertson STOL equipped 182 : this modification is very rare in the 1960's vintage (more affordable) Skylanes due to the cost of the modification.   The R-Stol enables this plane to fly at 40 mph with its' drooping ailerons, stall fences and leading edge modifications.  In the late 1970's this modification was about $15,000 and thus most of the aircraft that were converted were brand new at the time. 

This Skylane has been based on the front range of Colorado since the mid 1970's and was corrosion proofed in 1968 which has kept corrosion levels very low.  It has complete logs, no hail damage and a near new Western  Skyways engine. This plane is based at Longmont and is available for inspection by appointment.

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 Cessna 182J Skylane     

sn: 18257607

        • 3360 Hours Total Time Since New
        • Complete Logs Since New
        • No Corrosion Issues
        • Firewall replacement and beef-up kit by Beegles in 1984.
        • Annual Due April 2011

  Optional Equipment
        • Full Robertson STOL Kit
        • Updated Gyros
        • Wheel Fairings


        • Factory Audio Switching
        • TKM Digital MX12 Nav-Comm #1 (VOR / LOC / Glideslope)
        • TKM Digital MX12 Nav-Comm #2 (VOR / LOC)
        • King KT-75 Transponder (encoder)
        • Century IIB Autopilot
        • 4 Place Intercom
        • Genave Marker Beacon
        • Digital EGT

Engine & Propeller
    • Continental O-470R (230 horsepower)
    • 110 Since Major Overhaul by Western Skyways with New Cylinders (1500 Hour Recommended TBO)
    • 382 Hours Since Overhaul on Propeller

Paint and Interior

Paint is done in a 1977 182Q scheme, brown and gold on white.  There is significant chipping paint on the left side of the cowling.  The paint is showing its age and, although it has been hangared,  it has lost some gloss.  There is significant leading edge chipping.  Glass is in good condition although the co-pilots' forward side glass is showing some milkiness at certain sun angles.

Interior was done in the mid 2000's and is in very good condition.  Seats were done by M&K with leather and wool.  Carpet and side panels in very good condition.  Headliner is original and in very good condition aside from a significant stain on the forward right area near the vent.

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