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SOLD - 1965 Cessna Skylane 182H - SOLD
Wren STOL Conversion (260hp IO-470)

The Wren STOL Skylane was and still is the ultimate STOL Skylane.  Developed in the 1960's by Robertson,  the Wren STOL conversion is an extremely labor intensive conversion that gives the Skylane a full span Fowler flap, using "Wren's Teeth" on top of the wing to add roll control. These "Wren's teeth" look like giant moving VG's and rotate with the ailerons.  The Wren also features a canard with elevators, allowing the Wren to climb with remarkably flat pitch compared to the standard Skylane.  The Wren was heavily used in Southeast Asia in the Air America efforts.

N2060X also has the 260 hp Continental IO-470 upgrade - with better takeoff and climb performance on virtually identical fuel flows, and the capability of running lean of peak (much more efficiency).

This particular aircraft was refurbished by Todd Peterson in 1987, including all new glass, fiberglass tips, paint and interior.  The WREN 460 Stol conversion was done at this point.

All specifications provided are believed to be accurate as of 9/13/2011, but are subject to verification.

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1965 Cessna Skylane 182H Wren



        • Approximately 3460  hours Total Time Since New

        Optional Equipment:

        • Wren STOL conversion done by Todd Peterson 1987
        • Aircraft Refurbished by Peterson 1987 with New Glass, Paint and Interior
        • Heavy Duty Nose Gear Fork
        • Long Range Fuel
        • Cessna Umbrella Fuel Caps
        • Main Tires Oversized: 800x6
        • Nosewheel Tire Oversized: 600x6
        • Shoulder Harnesses Front


        • Custom Metal Pilots' Panel with Standard T Layout
        • S-Tec 60-2 Autopilot with Alt Hold, Electric Trim and Full approach coupling (a nearly $30k upgrade)
        • King KX-155 Digital Nav-Com #1 (LOC/VOR/Glideslope)
        • King KX-155 Digital Nav-Com #2 (LOC/VOR ind)
        • King KN-62 Digital DME
        • King KT-76 Transponder
        • King KR-87 Digital ADF / Timer
        • BFG WX-10 Stormscope
        • JPI EDM-700 Graphic Engine Monitor
        • Trimble 2000 GPS
        • PS Engineering Intercom System

Engine & Propeller
    • 160 hours Since Major Overhaul
    • Continental IO-470  (260hp with 1500 Hour Recommended TBO)
    • GAMI injectors

    •  220  hours Since Propeller Overhaul

Paint & Interior

Paint was done at the time of Wren conversion and refurb by Peterson.  Paint is base metallic silver with charcoal grey metallic and royal blue accents.

Interior was done at the time of the Wren conversion by Peterson.   Interior is done in medium blue cloth including headliner.

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